One year ago, SARAH ROCKT recorded her album ‘THAT GIRL’ with us. The track ‘Pressure’ got released on all digital platforms last weekend. We are so happy for her and want you to check out her music! đŸ‘ŒđŸŽ”đŸ”„đŸ˜


Here’s what our clients say:


I consider my annual travels to Castle Röhrsdorf to be somewhat of a pilgrimage. It has everything I love: beautiful architecture, great audio equipment and microphones, special recording rooms like no other, unique and personalized accommodations and the most wonderful family of humans there to greet me and help with my projects.

Sylvia Massy, USA
Jaecki Reznicek

The Castle Studio in Röhrsdorf with its wonderful atmosphere is just the right place to record good music. Whenever I played my bass there, I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome, people’s competence and hospitality.

JĂ€cki Reznicek, GER
Driftwood Holly

If you have to choose a studio and want a crew that knows what they are doing without destroying your music it’s the Castle Studios Rohrsdorf. I can only highly recommend to go and record your good stuff there.

Driftwood Holly, CAN

The studio in Röhrsdorf is a magical place – I love the atmosphere, feeling looked after and the whole surrounding. It’s the space where it can happen and you might find the 13th note!

Dirk Zöllner, GER

Castle Studios are not only in a perfect calm location, close to nature and amazing scenery, but also have everything a band needs incl great accommodation for when you’re away from home for a long time. Perfect for creativity and positive vibes, of which the great staff are a contributing part of!

LizZard, FRA
Brian Doerksen

It’s an incredible studio and Arno Jordan – wow – great engineer, tech head, loves collecting great vintage gear, has a great ear hearing what’s working really authentically, emotional and moving in the music and great guide for you. I’ve recorded several projects at the castle, love the space and the community there. A place to stay, a great place to go for walks when you’re out of the studio, to clear your head or to work on a lyric. Whatever it is, I highly recommend the studio at Castle Rohrsdorf.

Brian Doerksen, CAN
Markus Reuter

The Castle Studios are wonderful. There’s extraordinarily great equipment there, plus skilled and creative engineers and, most importantly, the whole setting is extremely inspiring and invites you to unleash your creativity. There’s a warm and earthy atmosphere in the tracking rooms and I found the control room a great listening environment without giving me any ear fatigue (even after an eight-hour day of intense work).

Markus Reuter, GER

The whole studio has the feel of something very futuristic but at the same time warm and analog. Everything works, there are no breaks for equipment lack or failure.

Blenderman, GER